Sean John Casting CALL @ Senso Supper Club Orlando – 8.15.10 – Sunday

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Sean John Presents

the Fall Line Fashion Show CASTING! YES!!! WE ARE LOOKING FOR MODELS this Sunday August 15, 2010 for the Fall Line Fashion Show taking place on October 10th, 2010 at Senso Supper Club.

We are looking for Guys & Girls with the Sean John “LOOK” to be a part of the show where we will preview the Line for the Fall Season.  The casting will be done by Video Vixen Gloria Velez this Sunday to get you ready for the main event which will be hosted by: Vice President of Marketing for Sean John, Apple Bottom, and Ecko Red ; JAMES FERRELL.

This Sunday casting will be based off of your look, crowd reaction, and walk.  Make sure you come out with the look to kill to get the crowd on YOUR side.

Doors Open at 10 PM

To RSVP & more info: email

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One Comment to “Sean John Casting CALL @ Senso Supper Club Orlando – 8.15.10 – Sunday”

  1. I sent an email and am afraid it might go to your spam. I am a model/actress. I want to audition for Sean John but missed the casting call. I am not black, I am white with many backgrounds and cant get a job as a model in the suburbs if I wanted to. I have a mixed (black n white) family and am proud of it. they always tell me my booty is too big for the look pple want at agencies. Please tell me when the next casting call is because I live in Milwaukee and would have to fly. Also… is it even worth me auditioning???, because I noticed not many white pple for sean john. I am athletic, have a wonderful attitude, love to rip the runway and am just b/n 5’6-5’7. Please let me know if I am eligible because then I would love to audition. Thank you for your already taken up time.
    Khristyna 414-519-2036

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