“I Got 99 Problems And Now Jay-Z’s One…,” President Obama!

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If you love hip-hop, you have to love our President.  If you love our President, you will get indoctrinated into the genre.  I was delighted while watching the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner a couple nights ago on April 27, 2013.   Unlike most presidential speeches of the serious, international relations variety, this dinner was marked by a self-deprecating roast!  Fun, fun, fun!

And you know what people say about U.S. presidents in their second terms?  It’s like dealing with an employee who knows he has only a few days left.  The man going out does not care what people think of his actions and his more light-hearted side gets exposed.  In the aftermath of the tragic Boston marathon bombings, this jovial display was most welcomed by the press as everyone in the audience wore a smile.

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  1. PMF99 says:

    I love our president

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