How Small Business Owners Can Profit from Being Politically Active

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As a businessman who started his career working on political campaigns, I’m amazed at how little understanding successful business people have of how politics impacts their businesses. This is especially true of Black businessmen and women.

Having my offices located in Washington, DC, I am acutely aware of the impact politics has on the business community, the small business community in particular. My firm, Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC, provides strategic political and corporate advice, along with PR services to small and large businesses alike. We also work with professional athletes, entertainers, and many African countries.

People tend to call my firm when they are in some type of distress. For example, I had one client who had completed work on a contract for the Department of Defense (DoD). There was no dispute about the quality of their work; their payment voucher was just stuck on the desk of some bureaucrat. My client was owed $1 million. That’s nothing to the DoD, but for a small business-owner, that is a huge amount of money.

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