Enough with the tweets, voters tell Trump

Aug 8th, 2017 | By | Category: News & Features, Politics & Law

170317161430-mobapp-trump-twitter-large-teaseWashington (CNN)President Trump’s approval ratings are dismal in the┬ánew CNN national poll. Ditto his trust ratings. And the numbers around whether his first six months on office have been a success or a failure. And virtually every other number in the poll.

There’s also a clear solution to Trump’s problems — or at least a way to stop the bleeding — contained in the poll. And it goes like this: STOP TWEETING. Or, at a minimum, stop tweeting about the things Trump is obsessed with tweeting about.
Seven in 10 Americans say that Trump’s tweeting habits “too often seem to be in response to news he may have seen on TV” and believe that Twitter is a “risky way for a president to communicate.” More than six in 10 say his tweets “too often turn out to be misleading” and are “easy to misunderstand.”
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