Could Gmail’s New Three-Tab System Hurt LivingSocial?

Aug 20th, 2013 | By | Category: All Posts

The latest challenge for LivingSocial—the cash-strapped, lay-off heavy D.C.-based company—could come from the omnipresent Google.

As Washington Business Journal first pointed out, the online coupon company seems wary of Gmail’s new organizational system that automatically categorizes LivingSocial emails as promotional messages, filing the emails in a tab separate from the user’s primary inbox.

Last week, the company sent out an email to its subscribers instructing them how to divert LivingSocial emails back to their primary inboxes.

But the company’s senior manager of consumer communications said in an email that LivingSocial is “happy to report that we have not seen a significant impact since Gmail’s three-tab rollout.” (Note: Washington City Paper also sells daily coupons and is still assessing the impact of the new Gmail.)

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