Cissy Houston: I’m Concerned for Bobbi Kristina

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The mother of the late Whitney Houston, Ms. Cissy Houston, talked with the TJMS this morning about her new book “Remembering Whitney”, the truth behind BeBe WInans’ book, her concern for Bobbi Kristina and more.

Read the full transcript of the interview below.

TOM JOYNER:  Good morning, Miss Cissy Houston, how are you?

CISSY HOUSTON:  I’m fine, how are you?

TOM JOYNER:  I’m real good.  I’m real good.


TOM JOYNER:  Your book, Remembering Whitney, I’ve seen Oprah’s interview, and I’ve seen some other interviews, and I have the book but, Miss Houston, I’m going to have to wait till I have a vacation to read this book.

CISSY HOUSTON:  I heard that.

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2 Comments to “Cissy Houston: I’m Concerned for Bobbi Kristina”

  1. […] another interview with TJMS, Cissy said she wanted Bobbi to read the book, but her attempts to get the book to her failed. […]

  2. Bobbi kris it appears has never had a relationship with grandma for some odd reason.prehaps cause whitney had a rif once she became so famous.or maybe cause mom never accepted her husband. Whatever there reason kids should have a bond with grandma its important and in time there make there own impressions, bobbi kris never had that oppurtunity, so for now grandma just have to wait and hope shell come around and will want grandma in her life, but if not you still support her, and prehaps oneday shell comeback with arms wide open for grandma and grandma will be still there.cant fault bobbi chris, prehaps whitney or even yourself for not being acceptive of your daughters wishes in life, if they werent meant to be she would tell you first cause your mom and your suppose to be there for her for times like this.she has to learn to live life from her own mistakes as you did regardless miss cissy she still always really and truly loved you but just never knew how to tell ya.she never wanted to hurt mom whom had taught her so folk we gotta learn how to really love, its killing all of our families and not just the houstons.your famous daughter broke all of hearts feb 11, she was the bodyguard woman or just whitney to many of us, although we didnt know her like you did we loved her just the same, for her music, her acting, her whit, and honesty.fir that we will always love

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