Advertising takes more than making an a great ad. Someone has to see it. That’s why the most

important aspect to running your business is making sure people know about it.

Media Signpost Shows Internet Television Newspapers Magazines And Radio

And not just anyone – your target audience.

That’s why effective media buying is so important (that’s what we do).

Read below for the “ins” and “outs” of media buying and how we work, as media purchasers, on your behalf.

About Media Buying

Media buying is the acquisition of media real estate for the most advantageous rates based on availability and timing. Options typically span from radio to newspaper advertisements to website banners.

What We Do

As media buyers, we practice:

  • Networking: Media buyers must be able to develop and nurture relationships with marketing decision makers (i.e. the right people).
  • Investigation: The evolution of the communications business must be understood; purchasers must be on top of new platforms and their target markets and be able to translate that into beneficial client recommendations.
  •  Negotiation: Media buyers should not only be able to negotiate fair prices for the media slots. But also find deals or extras to profit clients.

Plan Your Strategy

The key to great marketing is great exposure, and an unseen advertisement is an investment with no chance for return. Here are a few tips:

  • The first step in media buying is distinguishing when and where your ad should appear.
  • Keep your budget in mind.
  • If you have a hefty advertising budget network television might be the best choice for you.
  • Identify the demographic that you are trying to reach and choose a channel and time slot that is frequently accessed by your target audience.
  • If you are a small business, it may be more beneficial to invest in local newspapers, magazines, and television stations.
  • After the appropriate channel for your ad has been chosen, we (the media buyer) contacts your targeted channels to negotiate a price that ensures the best possible deal for our customer.

Finding the appropriate venues for your media ads is no easy task. That’s why hiring maxresdefaultan experienced agency that already has a developed network and industry know how is often the best option.

We have relationships with local and national media that allow us to negotiate cost effective advertising rates for our customers.

Options include:

  • Print advertising
    • magazines
    • newspapers
    • static billboards
    • mobile billboards
  • Digital advertising
    • website advertising
    • e-newsletter advertising
    • social media advertising
    • podcasts and internet radio
    • digital billboards
  • TV
    • commercials
    • sponsorship opportunities
  • Radio
    • commercials
    • sponsorship opportunities
  • Advertorials
    • editorial write up with image

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